Project Nereidas in Torremolinos



Stylish three bedroom apartment with an elegant Scandinavian design.

The open plan living area with large glass doors overlooking the sea and plenty of natural light was a plus factor we had . Our client wanted a comfortable yet stylish design with bespoke carpentry and soft shades.

To create this sophisticated and relaxed style we used a natural colour palette with shades of tan, beige, taupe and white combined with bespoke wooden carpentry designs for each room. In the living room a large wooden paneled wall with led lighting, soft furnishings and splashes of warm ochre shades on paintings and accessories.

A large oak dining table with leather chairs and designer suspension lamp combined with natural texture wallpaper on walls and back lit mirrors.

In the master bedroom a bespoke wall in wood with back lit mirrors, suspension lamps and wall hung nigh tables gave a contemporary hotel look to this room.

A very important aspect of the design was the ambient lighting.
Perimetral ceiling led lighting, accent lighting on wood panelling and mirrors as well as suspension and wall lamps helped us achieve a relaxed and serene atmosphere throughout the house.
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