Buy-to-let in Malaga

Get more for your investment

Property investment in Malaga

Investing in brick and mortar is still one of the safest and most profitable investments that one can make, especially in a booming real estate market hotspot such as Malaga. Investing in buy-to-let in Malaga is even more profitable. The price of property, when compared to other countries, is still very affordable, making it a great place to invest.

“Buy-to-let” refers to the purchase of a property specifically to let it out to produce a rental income stream. It can also grow in value producing a capital gain if and when you wish to resell.

One of the greatest advantages of being a buy-to-let investor is that you can earn an income two different ways. One way is through the rent paid by tenants (holiday guests) of the property, and the other is through capital growth. 

Property investment in Malaga are becoming increasingly in demand, which is causing property prices and rental yields to climb. Buy a holiday apartment in Malaga and you will soon be part of an exciting project.

We work with the oldest and most recognized holiday rental company in Malaga that can manage your property and maximize your gross rental yield and rental financial returns.

Property management in Malaga

Our resident expert and partner, Steffen Hansen, is the CEO of Malaga’s first holiday rental company. Thanks to his 15 years of experience as a pioneer in the holiday rental field in Malaga, he will guide you through the entire process to find the most profitable rental property for you. Steffen bases himself on years of real data and figures, an unsurpassed expertise in the industry which enables him to give you a very accurate forecast of income you can work with depending on your budget. He is also an expert in finding unique holiday homes for sale in Malaga, properties that are not always listed with high-street agents or hidden gems in upcoming neighborhoods.

Over the years, Steffen has built a large network of contacts in the city and will work tirelessly to find that one special gem that will make your holiday rental investment in Malaga a safe and lucrative one.

Please contact us for a bespoke quote of your potential annual earnings based on real figures achieved by similar properties and decades of data.

Calculate an estimated profit on your holiday home in Malaga

Enter the purchase price of your property, and where applicable, the estimated budget you expect to spend on renovating your holiday home in Malaga.

In case you are unsure, we can help you calculate the annual rental income and occupancy percentage. Feel free to send us an email or contact us via WhatsApp.
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