January 15, 2021
2 mins.

Andalusia offers free travel insurance against Covid-19

Southern Spain is particularly affected by the shortage of tourists, a direct result of the Coronavirus pandemic. In an effort to stimulate tourism, the regional government has put into place a somewhat unconventional practice. From now on, Andalusia offers free travel insurance against Covid-19 throughout 2021. The hope of attracting more tourists to the region.

Free travel insurance

The pandemic has been ravaging the world for 10 months. It has left its mark on the Costa del Sol. For the month of December 2020, the main regional airport of Malaga could show a decrease of 82% in the number of travelers compared to 2019. Many hotels remain closed and will most likely not reopen until the situation is back to normal. However, there are still plenty of opportunities to rent holiday homes in Malaga.

It’s now possible to travel to Andalusia without any worries since your trip will include a free travel insurance. This means that if you are not resident in Spain and you visit Andalusia in 2021, you will be insured in case you become infected with the coronavirus. Please note that the travel insurance only applies to cases related to COVID-19.

Check your holiday rental

This travel insurance applies to visitors staying in hotels, holiday homes, hostels, campsites or any establishment that is registered with the Junta de Andalucia (regional government’s tourist board). Holidays home in Malaga will normally have a registration number that looks like this: VFT/MA/00551. You can check the registration numbers here.

The travel insurance covers any potential costs related to hospitalization, medicine, surgery, transportation, and death. You will also be covered in case you were to be quarantined during your stay.

No need to do anything

You do not have to take out insurance before departure as you are already insured if you meet the aforementioned requirements. If during your stay in Andalusia you were to become infected with COVID-19, all you have to do is call (+34) 951 14 98 41, quote policy number “45G”. Provide your name, surname, where you reside, a contact number, and of course state the kind of assistance you require.

The fact that Andalusia offers its guests free travel insurance against COVID-19 is a very positive initiative, welcomed by both travelers and industry stakeholders alike. Many countries in Europe do not cover COVID-19 infections when traveling. Andalusia is therefore a pioneer in offering such insurance to its visitors.

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